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Potato pancakes, don’t have to be greasy. They’re, actually easy to make, especially if you have a food processor, it’s, a simple recipe. It only takes four ingredients, so we’re gonna start with potatoes, two potatoes.

I think russets make the best potato pancakes. This is about a pound and a half of russet potatoes. So you’re gonna peel and chop these, which I’ve done right here. So there’s, my peeled and chopped potatoes, and it takes about a quarter cup of onion, which would be about a quarter of an onion this size.

So I’ll cut that in half and then another quarter. That is about a quarter cup of onion right there. We just dice that up a little bit. All this goes into the food processor. If you don’t have a food processor, you have to do it the old-fashioned way and grate the potatoes and onions on one of these, which will give me the same thing.

It just takes a little longer. But if you have a food processor, you put this stuff in the food processor and, of course, the smaller you chop them the faster it’ll process, but it really takes just about 30 seconds for all this to get processed okay, so that’s all done now, if you should have a lump or two left, you can just take it out.

It doesn’t matter, but it looks like it’s pretty smooth. So this is now going to go into a bowl, but you put it through a strainer. You will need a very fine mesh strainer like this, so you put it over a bowl and you dump that potato and onion mixture into the strainer okay get as much.

I don’t think I have any lumps. I thought I did, but I don’t, like I said, don ‘ T worry. If you do you just full of lumps out okay now this has to sit in the strainer for five minutes and after five minutes I’ll.

Tell you what okay it’s been about five minutes and the reason I do this is because you want a thick batter and we want to get rid of some of the moisture from the potato. But not the starch, which has separated as you’ll see.

So you take this away for a minute, and let me show you this see this moisture. This is all stuff you’re, going to pour away into the sink, but look what’s left? What’s left? Is that potato starch and that’s? What you want to keep and put it back and put it in keep it in your mixture, so that’s.

The reason we do that gives us a nice nice thick batter, so that goes in the sink, keep the starch and to that starch. We add the potato and the onions, which is a nice dry, thick mixture here and then the rest of the ingredients get added in which is only 1 tablespoon of flour.

I use whole wheat flour, you can use all-purpose, but it’s. Only 1 tablespoon of flour that’s; all it needs 1 egg, 1/2, a teaspoon of salt and pepper to taste that’s. It right there. I told you it was simple, so you mix this up and you ‘

Ll see by losing all of that water from the potato we get a nice thick, potato pancake batter and it’s, ready to go that’s. All it takes all right. Now I’m going to preheat my pan and we’re, going to start cooking up these pancakes.

I’ll, be right back. I’m, going to use a total of maybe three teaspoons of oil to make all the potato pancakes. Starting with about a half a teaspoon. I’m using canola. You can use the oil that you like, although olive oil is not good for very high heat, so that’s, why I use canola you kind of spread that oil around if the pan is hot, like this, the oil should spread pretty easily, but You want to cover as much of the pan as possible.

So if you’re, not sure if the pan is hot enough, you take a little bit of water sprinkle it you hear the sizzle. That means it’s hot enough. So here’s, the batter give it a quick stir, and now we’re gonna put about I don’t know maybe like a quarter cup of batter for each one.

Let’s. Do that there flatten it down just a little bit the spoon – and I think I can usually get four on here – see how nice and thick that is, that’s, because we got rid of the that extra liquid and it’s.

Not spreading too much because you’re, going to be kind of nice and thick. Can I do it yeah and get another one on here. They don’t, spread to much so kind of. However, you do them there. Now it’s about three minutes per side.

You just let them sit like that, and then we’re gonna flip them over, and then we’re gonna drain them on a paper towel and that’s. How easy it is! Okay! So after about two and a half three minutes, you can start peeking underneath to see if they’re ready to flip and let’s.

Take a close look here. Ah perfect: now you got to just trust yourself just get under there and flip look at that Wow beautiful get under it. You can kind of peek if you like, get under it, flip it over this one’s, tougher up with them, so close together here, get under it flip under the hip and flip.

Now, if you’re unsure, obviously you could just do three of the time you know I was trying to show off, but the fourth one got. It is a little bit small, but that’s about how they ‘ Ll. Look like and then three more minutes on the other side, and they’re done.

Okay, it’s, been about three minutes on the other side and see how look at them on the other side there they are. I’ll, just flip it over how about that? Look at that that’s! It there’s. The bottom there’s, the top it’ll, be hardly any grease at all on the paper, but I just do that out of habit.

So now we ‘ Ll put the second group in and now it’s time, to put a little more oil in and about like. I think it’s only about a half teaspoon. Every time I put the next batch in about a half a teaspoon that’s, why I like the cast iron because it stays really hot? This is about a medium between medium and medium-high.

If you don’t have cast iron, you can certainly use any other kind of pan, but this one just is really really good. Alright, so here’s, some more, should I try four again: okay, I’m gonna try four, maybe I’ll, make them a little smaller there’s, one flatten them down just a little too.

You can almost make them any shape that you want. You know that one’s, gonna be crooked three and for a little bit of flattening. If they’re touching a little bit no problem, you just separate them. So I’ll just keep going, and then I’ll.

Show you how many I made when we’re all done now, if your pan, depending on your pan, if you, if it’s, not browning enough for you, you can, when you turn them over, you can add just a little bit More oil – sometimes I just do it along the side of the pan like that and then just kind of tilt it and let the let the oil run down to get them nice and golden, and you can actually shake the pan a little bit too.

So that’s about it. Another couple minutes on here and they’re, all gonna be done, and by the way, while you’re cooking these, if you want to keep them warm or make a whole batch, make make a lot more.

You can keep them warm in a 200-degree oven on like a sheet or something with paper, towels just line with paper towels just like this, but let me show you there is hardly any grease here at all here, the first ones I made you can see that There’s a little moisture, but there’s, no fat, because I use so little oil.

So you can see why these are much healthier than the ones I mean you would get them in the restaurant. They’re, like they’re like deep-fried, so now let’s. Talk about how to eat these! I’m polish, so I grew up having them with sour cream because we have everything with sour cream, but now I use reduce that sour cream.

You can have them with applesauce. My mother used to slice up leftover, potato pancakes mix them in with scrambled eggs for breakfast and they were fantastic, so potato pancakes are the reason I’m, never gonna be on a low-carb diet.

So I’m gonna have some right. Now let’s, see one potato two potato three potato four. If you weren’t watching, I’d, probably have more

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