Easy Potato Pancakes – Polish Placki Ziemniaczane

Potato pancakes, don’t have to be greasy. They’re, actually easy to make, especially if you have a food processor, it’s, a simple recipe. It only takes four ingredients, so we’re gonna start with potatoes, two potatoes. I think russets make the best potato pancakes. This is about a pound and a half of russet potatoes. […]

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Polish Pierogi – Potato & Cheese Pierogi

If you’ve never had polish pierogi, they’re, basically mashed potatoes, wrapped in dough. I know, but you know there’s such a treat and they’re, not that hard to make they just take some time. So I’m, going to show you how right now I have one-and-a-half pounds of potatoes cooking here on the stove. I […]

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Cabbage Rolls / Polish Gołąbki – Easy to Follow, Step by Step Recipe

dzisiaj pokażę ci, jak zrobić gołąbki. Today, I’m going to show you how to make cabbage rolls, and by the way, I’m Polish and I grew up helping my dad make cabbage rolls. Although I think my version may be a little healthier, so the first thing you do is you get a large pot […]

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